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Entry submission

If the entry is submitted by post or global delivery service, what does the deadline November 23rd mean — the latest date on which the entry should arrive at the address or the date of the postmark?
November 23rd (17:30 ЕЕТ) is the latest date on which the entry should arrive at the address.
(Only for participants outside Bulgaria) What number should I fill in The Application for participation and the declarations, in the places where ID number is wanted?
This is the number of your personal documents — number of ID card, passport or other document, which you use to verify your identity. Do not mistake this number with the motto you will have to place on your other materials. Please see how to fill in your documents for participation.
How can I obtain the 6-digit-number (motto)?
The 6-digit-number (motto) is chosen by you.
What kind of electronic signature do I have to have? Which providers of electronic signatures are accepted by the Promoter?
You should have a Qualified electronic signature (QES), issued by a licensed provider of electronic signatures in your own country. In order to sign electronic documents by your QES you need a QES certificate, media (smart card or reader), special smart-card management software and software for signing e-documents. For further information check the term Qualified electronic signature on the internet or ask a provider of electronic signatures in your country. Details about the electronic submission.
In case the entry is submitted with electronic signature, should there also be a copy in paper?
No, a paper copy is not needed in this case. The technical committee will print your proposal and it will be presented to the jury similarly to the proposals submitted in paper.
If we send our proposal by post or global delivery service, should the panels be on stiff boards or can we send the documents as a roll?
There is no requirement for the panels to be on stiff boards. They can be rolled.

Panels and drawings

If I have identical floor plans for two or more levels, can I show this floor plan only once?
Yes, you can show a “typical” floor plan, but you should mark it clearly and describe to which levels it refers.
Is the scale of the drawings, described in the Competition brief, mandatory?
Yes, the scale of the drawings is mandatory.
Is it possible to have additional text on the panels?
Yes, you can have short explanatory texts, explaining your drawings, schemes and images.
Is the number of panels, determined in the Competition brief, mandatory - 8 panels?
Yes, the number of panels is mandatory.

Underground parking garage

What happens if we cannot ensure 300-350 parking places?
If you haven’t ensured 300-350 parking places your project will not be disqualified. It will be reviewed by the jury and compared with the projects of the other participants.
What do you mean by “two two-lane ramps”?
What is meant is that you should provide for two ramps, each of them with two lanes: with one lane for traffic going in and one lane for traffic going out.
Is it possible to propose four one-lane ramps, instead of two two-lane ramps?
Yes, it is possible to substitute the two two-lane ramps with four one-lane ramps (two ramps in and two ramps out). In both cases the ramps should not be grouped in one place, but should be distributed throughout.
What are the official Bulgarian regulations for the sloping percentage of the ramps?
For internal ramps in an underground garage, it is possible the sloping percentage to be up to 20%.
Is it possible to organize a different function than parking in the three underground levels? May we have more than three underground levels?
Yes, it is possible to organize a different function underground, as long as you can ensure that you have at least 300-350 parking spaces, that the library building and the parking can function separately and that the other tasks according to the Competition Brief have been completed. More than three underground levels are not recommended, due to heavy hydrogeological conditions.
Is it possible to have ramps to access the underground garage, located within the range of Expanded competition area?
In the "Expanded competition area" you can have two two-lane ramps, which start from ground level and go to first underground level. Once you reach this first underground level, the ramps towards the lower levels of the garage, have to be within the Underground construction area. Please have in mind, that your proposal should not violate the requirements of the Competition Brief, page 28: "The expanded competition area includes a zone for temporary car/taxi parking, the organization of the approaches to the parking garage, as well as the planning of sidewalks along the length of the adjacent streets."

Overground construction and functions

Is it mandatory the Main storage facility to be connected with the reading zones?
The connections between reading zones and main storage should be easy and fast, because visitors place requests to use stored library items on daily bases.
In the Brief it is stated, that the height of Incoming materials receiving area (zone 4.1.1) should be 4.5 m. If we decide to place this zone on one of the underground levels, should we keep the height of 4.5 m?
In case you decide to organize zone 4.1.1 on one of the underground levels, it is acceptable to decrease the height at your discretion.
Is it possible instead of one compact Main storage facility of 5000 sq m, to have many different storages distributed throughout the building?
It is not possible, because of the way the library works. The Main storage facility of 5000 sq m cannot be placed on one level, but it should be as compact as possible.
The terrain within the competition area has a difference in elevation. From which point on the facades should we measure the required heights?
When the Maximum building range has been determined, as average elevation of the terrain has been taken the value of 33.00 m. All heights, shown on the scheme Maximum building range, should be measured from this elevation - 33.00 m.

Terms and conditions

What is the scope of work for the projected fees of 300 000 EUR? Is the fee only for the architect or also for the team? Does the fee include site supervision?
This is the fee for design development phase and design execution phase of the project. The fee includes the whole team (architect, engineers, etc) and excludes site supervision.
Is it possible for one team to submit more than one proposals?
No, one team can submit only one proposal.
Do I need preliminary registration to enter the competition?
No. No preliminary registration is required. All projects received up to the deadline 23 November which comply with the competition requirements will be admitted.
I'm a student in Architecture. Can I participate in the competition?
Yes, but only as a member of team where there is at least one registered architect who is in legal capacity to practice architectural design in their country.
I'm eligible architect in other country, not in Bulgaria. Do I need a Bulgarian partner in order to participate?
No, Bulgarian partners are not needed at this stage of the competition. If at least one member of your team is licensed to practice architectural design in your own country, you can participate.

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