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12 November 2015

  • The deadline for asking questions regarding Varna Library Competition is 13 November 2015, 18:00 EET.
  • The deadline for receiving entries is 23 November 2015, 17:30 EET. If you plan to send your project via global delivery service or by post we remind you that this is the final date for your project to arrive at the announced address. Check sending instructions.
  • We strongly recommend that all participants do NOT publish their project proposals on social media or on personal, corporate or media websites or anywhere else before final results of the competition are announced. This action might be considered breach of anonymity.
  • Don't forget to check our FAQs.

How to submit an entry? How to fill in the documents?

30 October 2015

Please, have in mind that the deadline November 23rd is the latest date on which the entries sent by post or global delivery service should arrive at the competition entries' submission address.

A new jury member. Updated FAQs. Fixes

15 October 2015

  • Arch. Aneta Bulant-Kamenova is the latest and last invited and confirmed jury member. She is a Bulgarian architect, working and living in Vienna, Austria since 1981. See the whole jury
  • FAQ section has been updated and redesigned
  • 2 technical mistakes have been fixed in the Competition brief:
    • On page 39, point 2.2.3 AREA FOR PARENTS, the seating capacity is 20 places. The places should be 10, as is marked in the table on page 49.
    • On page 42, point 2.8.1 LOCAL HISTORY READING AREA, the text says: “The reading area would provide 15 work stations, five of which would have a computer.” The correct text is: “The reading area would provide 20 work stations, five of which would have a computer.”
    Download the updated Competition brief

Deadline Extended. And other changes

21 September 2015

  • Deadline for projects' submission has been extended by 23 November 2015, 17:30 EET. We hope this will make your work more efficient and will lead to better results.
  • The address to post your projects has been changed to:
    Municipal Enterprise “Investment policy”
    "General Kolev" Blvd. 92, fl. 5,
    Varna 9000, Bulgaria
  • Additional details concerning the way you can send your projects can be found in the updated version of the Competition brief (Submission of entries Chapter, page 63), ready to be downloaded.
  • FAQ Section has been updated.

The time for asking questions has expired.


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