Postal submission

Send all project materials printed. Packed on stiff boards or rolled.

Where do I send my project?

You can send your project by post, by global delivery service or personally at the following address:

Municipal Enterprise “Investment policy”
"General Kolev" Blvd. 92, fl. 5
Varna 9000

In case your courier asks for...
Contact person: Konstantina Zhelyazkova
Phone:+359 52 820836

What do I put in my package?

If using this submission option all participants must send the following materials printed on paper:

  1. Panels from 1 to 8 (sized 100 cm x 70 cm)
  2. Description (in A4 format)
  3. All the necessary documents and declarations available for download at Documentation section, namely:
    • Application for participation (filled in and signed)
    • Declaration A (filled in and signed)
    • Declaration B (filled in and signed)
    • Declaration C (filled in and signed)

    See examples and instructions for filling in the documents.

  4. A copy of a document attesting to the professional qualification of the participant or at least one of the participants' team, issued by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria or by a corresponding authority in participant’s own country. Please, add a translation to Bulgarian or English, if the document is in other language. There is no need for a legal translation.
  5. A list of names of all team members, in case of a team participation (team.pdf)

How do I pack all materials?

Documents’ envelope

You have to place all documents and declarations (3), the copy of a document attesting to professional qualification (4) and the list of names of all team members (5) into one opaque, sealed envelope and label it with the same sixdigit number (motto) as described in the Competition Brief (p.60-62). You must not write anything else on this envelope except for the motto.

Panels and Description

You can send your panels either put on stiff boards, or just rolled.

Overall package

You have to place the Documents’ envelope, the Panels and the Description together into an overall package and label it with:

  • the address of the recipient
  • contact details of the participant:
    • name
    • address
    • postal code
    • telephone, fax
    • email
  • the motto
  • the headline “Open competition for a new building of the Pencho Slaveykov Regional Library in the city of Varna”.

Deadline for delivery

November 23rd (17:30 ЕЕТ) is the latest date on which the package should arrive at the address.

One additional step:
Online publication of printed materials

In order to be able to publish your projects on the competition website after the final results are announced, we will ask you to do one more additional step: send us your projects digitally as well. To this end you have to upload in a special form the following files:

  • Panels from 1 to 8 (1.pdf, 2.pdf,... 8.pdf)
  • Description (text from description.pdf)
  • Thumbnail (thumbnail.jpg)
  • Cover Image (cover.jpg)

Unlike the printed materials, the uploaded ones should not bear a motto (it will have to be typed in a special section of the upload form). None of the files must exceed 10MB.

Go upload your project for publication

Important: The upload of materials as described above is only to serve their later publication on the competition website and is an addition to their submission in print. The materials which have only been uploaded in the above mentioned form, but have not been sent in print, will not be considered legitimate competition entry.

The above described upload of materials should not be mistaken with the electronic project submission with electronic signature.

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